Services For The Trade


Premier Folding Carton is an experienced packaging manufacturer so let us handle your folding carton business for you. We can convert your printed sheets into auto-bottoms, straight-tuck, reverse tuck, trays, and a multitude of other folding cartons for you and your customer.


Let us die cut, window and glue your cartons or if you only need us to window for you, that’s fine too. We can window your folding cartons with acetate, polyester, polypropylene films in your specified thickness. Our window machine also allows us to apply protective tissue linings to your cartons.


Premier has the capability to provide quality taping to your cartons at low cost and competitive pricing.


Our specialty envelope department stands ready to convert your printed sheets into expandable, jumbo or any specialty size envelopes. 

Premier Folding Carton has been serving the trade for over two decades and completes your job in a timely manner so you can meet your customer’s deadline. Just give us advance notice of a job that needs immediate attention and we will do our best to turn it around for JIT delivery.